Sick joke

Labour’s super stalker is at it again with her personal obsession. The context, Cllr Daisy Benson missed Cabinet because she had the flu. That happens to be a fact. However it didn’t prevent the Lead Hypocrite launching another milk curdling meow:

LD leader sends apol for #rdg cabinet, & on Facebook: ‘just made 20 voter contacts via the Broomfield & The Walthams virtual phone bank’. !!

18 Feb 2013 21:49

So as well as clearly caught out stalking Daisy Benson on Facebook, and a failure to accept that being ill doesn’t prevent you from doing other useful stuff (disabled readers may wish to note her attitude) we get this hilarious piece of self-justification for her latest bitch-fest:

@tommygilchrist .. I call it accountability, elected members get an allowance to attend mtgs.!!

18 Feb 2013 21:58

Yes, this is from the Lead Councillor who famously disappeared off to snorkel on the Great Barrier reef on a three week holiday during which she missed Cabinet and other crucial meetings whilst earning approximately £750 in unearned councillor allowances.

Hold still whilst Jan Gavin removes the splinter from your eye… without removing the plank in her own!


Gimme Gimme Gimme

The bitter old woman of Reading politics has returned from yet another one of her council meeting dodging holidays straight into one of her signature bitch fests about the object of her unhealthy obsession, Daisy Benson

LD @CllrDaisyBenson in @rdg would prefer we cut free bus travel for disabled & pensioners than share the pain of council tax benefit cuts

20 Nov 2012 22:44

After getting a kicking from Reading tweeters about her personal attack, we get a poor attempt to justify her bile.

@HDShaw @CllrDaisyBenson @rdg NOT personal, about policy – LD’s want to cut to bus subsidy to disabled & elderly to absorb govt cut.We don’t

20 Nov 2012 22:44

Too true. Apqrt from the “NOT personal” bit. The witch does protest too much.

In fact, the truth is that Jan prefers to steal money from poor single council tax payers so that relatively affluent pensioners like, er, Jan Gavin, will get free bus travel before 9.30am.

Spread the pain!

Losing her religion…

It would seem that Jan Gavin has decided to not hold anymore ward surgeries at St. Luke’s Church Hall.

Am I allowed to say the the Church of England are a disgrace

20 Nov 2012 22:44

Janspotting wonders if Jan Gavin has any other opinions on religions she is prepared to share with us? Would she like to denounce the woeful lack of female Imams or is it just her Christian constituents she dislikes? They’d better not apply for any council voluntary grants!

A Load of Rubbish

Once again Jan is obsessed with Daisy Benson’s whereabouts. It’s getting so that a protective order may be needed before her stalking gets out of control.

So shocked and stunned was Jan that a political party could hold a conference where members get to vote on policy without the unions pre-determining the outcome that she felt obligued to tweet the following:

whilst libDem cllr is playing away at LD conf, Lab will be out helping residents clean-up the Hexham estate this W/E 11am @ CC

9 Mar 2012 19:15

How dare St. Daisy forsake the residents of Redlands, even for a second? Of course, Jan would never leave the bosom of her adopted ward… except:

Lisbon is very hilly

3 Mar 2012 18:52

Another, do as I say not as I do moment.

Is a spell checker two much for the Laber Partee to afford?

How does the Labour Group on RBC measure-up to the national Cencus of LA Councillors in #rdg More to do – but not bad!

26 Oct 2011 15:13

Has anyone actually got proof that Jan Gavin really was a teacher?

Back in the Autum last year, when I had first been selected as the Labour Candidate in Redlands I started a campaign and petition calling upon the Lib Dem/Tory Administration in Reading to use it’s local planning controls to stop the unregulated spread of HMOs

redlandslabour.org.uk 20th July 2011

It’s getting quite painful to watch!

Casting a Spell

It looks like the tweet wasn’t a one off by Jan. Pedestrains watch out!

I have been contacted by many residents concerned about how dangerous it has become to cross the road in some parts of Reading, ever since the LibDems and Tories removed some of the pedestrian crossings. The ones I have had the biggest contact about are:

  • The pedestrian lights on Kings Road at Jackson’s Corner
  • The pedestrian crossing on Eldon Road at the junction with the London Road
  • The pedestrian crossing in Blagrave Street opossite Reading Station

In all three cases I am hearing reports that the loss of these lights has increased the difficulty for pedestrains to cross the road safely and poses particular risks  for the young, the elderley and the disabled.

redlandslabour.org.uk 17th July 2011